Mending God's Creatures, Great and Small

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Where to begin to sing the praises of the folks at Smalley’s Animal Hospital?

"The care this dedicated group of people provides for the animals they see is nothing short of miraculous.  As a cat owner, I have experienced their compassion and concern for my cats and me when the only humane treatment option was euthanasia.  They have also shared with me the joy of a young kitten unexpectedly entering my life.  


As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, I have brought in wildlife ranging from hatchling songbirds to aggressive, adult bald eagles. No matter the size of the critter, they work with me to ensure it has the best possible chance at returning to the wild.


After witnessing the quality of their workmanship on surgeries, sutures, and so forth for over 20 years now, I’ve threatened to request that they do any surgery I might ever require.  I’ve been told "that ain’t happenin’," but I’ll keep tossing the idea out there, as I trust their skills implicitly!"


-Vonda Lee Morton

If a person has animals, they better have a good vet they can call

"I got to know Dr. Jim Hobby when Mrs. Hobby and he first opened their practice in Dublin. They have looked after my dogs and cats for years, and I have depended on Dr. Jim and Dr. Richie to help me with my horses and cows. It's hard to find large-animal vets, especially who still do farm calls. To me it's important to have a vet that will explain what's going on with my animals to me and doesn't mind answering my questions.


I used to ride horses for the public and people with horse medical problems would call me wanting to know what vet I used because their vet didn't do large animals, didn't do farm calls, or they couldn't contact them. I always recommended Dr. Jim and his staff to them because they have always helped me. Sometimes I have called Dr. Jim or Dr. Richie to ask a question and get their advice on an animal's health issues, and they have always helped me. I highly recommend Smalley's Animal Hospital and Dr. Hobby and his staff to anybody looking for excellent, friendly veterinary services."


-Wayne Hooks


The Reason I Choose Smalley's

"Our babies have been cared for by Smalley's Animal Hospital for as long as I can remember. They have been there for anything from routine exams to holding me as I cried on their shoulders when it was time to say good-bye.  


Folks, it's not every day you are fortunate enough to have a team of veterinarians and staff that care about their patients and their patients' humans the way Smalley's does. There aren't words that accurately describe my appreciation for all that they have done for our babies over the years, not to mention the friendships that were made along the way.


There is a great comfort knowing no matter what the need, no matter what time of day, no matter what day of the week, my friends at Smalley's are there. "


-Dee Neville

If your animal is severely ill or injured and normal business hours are over, call our emergency line and, if necessary, emergency appointments may be arranged.

Dedicated Care

Make sure your pet gets the level of care they deserve by coming to Smalley's Animal Hospital.

"I love Smalley's! Everyone of the staff is loving caring people. They will spend as much time with you answering question or what ever the need is. They have cried with us as we said goodbye to a beloved pet. They have helped our sick pets to get better and be healthy again. They have called to to check on a pet on the weekend. They make you feel like you are part of one big happy family who owns pets!”

- Connie Stephens

It's no longer just an animal, it's part of your family

"From the moment you walk into Smalley's Animal hospital you are not just a client,  you become part of their family. I grew up showing livestock, and Smalley's always took care of our show animals for our school projects. Now as a parent I find myself taking my child's school projects and family pets to Smalley's as well."


-Amy  Kinchen

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