Mending God's Creatures, Great and Small

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Face Emergency Needs

Your pet is much more than just an animal. Whether it is a cuddly kitten, a senior dog, or something of a larger variety, you love your animal and want the best for him/her. When you are facing a frightening, urgent situation, feel confident that we are here for you.


"The care this dedicated group of people provides for the animals they see is nothing short of miraculous.”

- Vonda Lee Morton

Protect Your Pet

We offer the option of having your pet microchipped for permanent identification in case they are ever lost or run away.  A microchip is a small radio frequency transmitter that is placed under the skin and is encoded with a unique serial number that is associated with your pet.


Once placed, if your pet is lost, a chip reader can be used to scan him/her for the identification number and a contact phone number which will allow you and your pet to be reunited.


Is Your Pet Readily Identifiable?

If your pet was to get out of your home or yard, would you feel confident that he/she was able to get back home? If a pet is lost, there is no guarantee that a collar or identification tag will remain in place. This could result in your precious pet being lost forever.

If your animal is severely ill or injured and normal business hours are over, call our emergency line and, if necessary, emergency appointments may be arranged.

Dedicated care

Make sure your pet gets the level of care they deserve by coming to Smalley's Animal Hospital.

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